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After years of working on the Dutch SAAB 90 register (www.saab-90.nl) we had collected lots of pictures and some information about SAAB 90’s in other countries.
Just for fun, and with no intention to be complete, we like to present all that on this site.

You will find lots of pics, neatly assorted by country (just click on the corresponding flags) and a little bit of figures (as mentioned before, far far from complete).
We are trying to index as much Saab 90`s as we can, so if you (used to) own a Saab 90, please contact us.
Feel free to browse around… but remember, this website is still under construction.

By the way, on www.saab-90.nl you will find lots and lots of interesting documentation and pics. We want repeat all that over here, but just to give you an impression you will find the complete Workshop Manual on this site.

How many made in total?
Production ran from autumn 1984 to autumn 1987 in Uusikaupunki Finland, at the Valmet Factory, and a total of 25.378 of these cars were made. Most of them were sold in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark, and a smaller amount in Great Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium and Switzerland. You will find more countries in our register, because sometimes they were imported later elsewhere as used cars.

How many are left today?
Finland: 568 on the road (www.ajoneuvotiedot.fi, may 2014)
The Netherlands: 123 of which 55 on the road (www.rdw.nl, may 2015)
Germany: 17 on the road (Kraftfahrtbundesamt, january 2015)
Great Britain: 40, of which 13 on the road (www.howmanyleft.co.uk, end of 2014)
Switzerland: 2 on the road
Spain: 1 on the road (imported from The Netherlands!)

Niels & Etienne

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